Way of working watch repair

Reception of your watch

When you bring in your watch we write down your name en telephone number/email address. You can have our business card (if desired)  but you don’t get any receipt.  
It’s all about confidence ;-)

Repair of your watch

Each timepiece will be checked completely.  Case and belt/strap will be cleaned and put into shape.  The mechanism shall be serviced the way it should be.

Price Offer

In most cases we make a priceoffer to repair your watch.  For reparations under €35,00 (incl. VAT) we don’t make price offers. In case you refuse our offer, we charge €20,00 (incl. VAT)


All serviced timepieces get a 6 month guarantee.  The servicedate is written in the caseback of your watch so you can’t loose the guarantee paper :-) What is your guarantee covering ?  See here


The price offer will be communicated by SMS, e-mail or phone.  Together with the price we will let you know the delivery  time for the reparation of your watch.


None of the repaired watches will be tested on their waterproofness   If you want we can test your watch on his waterproofness but this isn’t a guarantee for the future.  If you want your watch to be waterproof again you have to stipulate this from the beginning.  We will make a price offer to make it waterproof (if possible)