Watch Guarantee

Your watch is serviced by an expert, but sometimes things might not turn out the way we desire.  Therefore we give you a guarantee of 6 months starting from the day we inform the customer that the watch is ready.

What is covered ?

Any malfunctioning of your watch due to an internal mechanical problem not resolved by our skilled watchmaker.

What is NOT covered ?

*Any malfunctioning of your watch due to improper use of your timepiece. (Shock, golfing with an automatic watch,…)
*Water inside (unless stipulated otherwise)
*Failure of electronic circuits in quartz watches.
*Scratches on your case and bracelet.
*Wear of your leather bracelet.

What do we do ?

We will try to resolve the problem as quick as possible, but if the problem wasn’t solved at the first time it might indicate that the problem is harder to find.  Therefore we ask you to be patient a little longer so we can return a perfectly working watch.  If the problem remains (after a few times) we will refund 45% of the price from the price offer .